Forget four bits of wood and a piece of glass. At Trinity we use state of the art technology and specially sourced materials, whether it’s to give your walls a quick fix or to preserve your item  for future generations.

The Studio photos in this section give you an interesting insight into the world of Trinity, your Local Independent Framing Expert. Best in class kit, best in class service – guaranteed.

Wizard ™ Computerised Mount Cutters, razor sharp mitre guillotines, programmable underpinners,wall mounted precision glass cutters, hot and cold laminating presses and wide format printers  – specialist kit that stands Trinity head and shoulders above the competition and delivers you that special frame, even for the most simplest of projects.

And the guitar? Well we’re “human beans” after all, and when the going gets tough, well, we just take 5 and have a chill out!

Great toys – click on an image to get up close!