Morso Guillotine

Morso Guillotine

Ever see The Body Guard, where Kevin Costner does that thing with the sword and silk scarf? Well this thing is nearly as sharp. It’s a guillotine, and forms perfect 45 degree mitres in the picture frame moulding. A perfect design, virtually unchanged since it’s introduction in 1911. The start point for all framers.

Canon wide format printer

Get your “out of the camera image” to us and we’ll use this machine to crank it, up to a massive 24″ wide. But you’ll get more than a big print. Choose from a range of professional digital photo papers and canvasses that are clean, bright and lightfast. Then have it framed using the many […]

Special glass

Glass. Often taken for granted because you get what you’re given, and no-one has explained the different types to you and how they can enhance or preserve the finished project. We use the one on the right as our default so that you see the artworkwhen you look at it, not yourself. Just look at […]

Wizard™ on screen design

This screen shot shows the front end of the mount design process using the Wizard software.  With a library of thousands of designs they are re-sized and tweaked to suit your project before sending to the CMC. Then it’s a press of the button and away she goes. Tailor made, custom made, bespoke. Yours will look special, stunning and […]


The stress reliever and the stresser at the same time. As a bespoke framer many of our pieces require a lot of concentration – mostly in the design stages or the mounting of the Objects. There’s the odd moment when you need to leave it, chill out with the guitar, recharge and restart – so it’s part […]


Trinity are the sole UK importer for this brilliant invention. It’s a calibration tool that allows us to make piece perfect surrounds to the inner edges of the mount – the Fillet. It saves time, lowering costs, and is a good example of the investment we make in finding the right tool for the job. […]

Fletcher 2100

This is a manual mountcutting machine that we use occasionally to do multiple runs of the same size rectangular aperture mount where the design features of the Wizard are not required. In this mode it’s remarkably quick and accurate. Also used in the making of deep bevelled mounts.

Hot Press

This machine creates a vacuum within the chamber and uses heat to bond and overlaminate images to a substrate. Similar types of finish to the JetMounter are available – gloss, matt, satin, sand texture and canvas. We use this equipment for larger pieces of work. It’ll take work up to 890 x 1195mm, and is really […]


We use this piece of kit for cold rolled bonding and lamination. An image is bonded to a substrate, typically card or aluminium and a further process over-laminates the image with a variety of finishes. We can  finish in gloss, matt, a sand effect and even one that has the appearance of a canvas print. Very useful where you […]

Minigraph M4 Memory Underpinner

An air powered piece of equipment that inserts a wedge or v-nail into the back of the frame, reinforcing it at the corners. It has its own memory, remembering the optimum positioning for 000’s of frame moulding profiles. For deeper profiles it will double or treble up on the wedges, an awesome sound when its […]