Muddy Paws

Muddy Paws

Quirky and different, great for dog lovers but for you it might be cat, fish, rabbit or guinea pig. Whatever your choice you can show off your art piece or photo so much better by choosing a Special Occasion Mount.

Candle Sparkle

This design was one of three designed for a candle lit bathroom. The simplicity of the watercolour was highlighted by extending the sparkle into the mount. Each sparkle was positioned slightly differently around the candle. Small, subtle additions that make it special for you.

Classic Embellishments

Enhance not overpower is the bespoke framers’ goal. The outer Cut Art surround is achieved on the computerised mount cutter, a very modern take on a traditional technique known as french matting. We’ve an e-toolbox of these designs, perfected by the world leading cmc designers.  

Best friends

Imagine the creative possibilities of Letter Mounts and the addition of a punchy narrative. Think Nanna, Mummy, Wedding, Whatever! – then go sort some photos. We’ll take care of the rest.        

Rainy Days

We call this the half and half mount – notice how the umbrella handle cuts into the photo? Just look how the addition of cut art really lifts what would otherwise be a very plain photo. We can get really special here, bespoke framing at it’s best