Prints make great presents in a world where everyone’s already got everything. Either pick one up or ask us to source one for you. You’ll always know you own a Trinity product – there’ll be the added detail, like here with the double mount and single debossed  line to add that touch of difference.

Art Deco Print

Decidedly different, we’ve taken a simple but pretty print, picked up the blacks and pinks and added a double mount in an Art Deco style, cut on the Wizard CMC. See how the simple becomes unique to you. This gives you an idea how your prints and photos can suddenly look really different, special.

Water colours

A lovely water colour, painted in 1982 and presented for reframing because of discolouration on the mount, likely to be the ubiquitous “thunderbug”. Traditional frosted anti reflective glass had been used, offering no protection from harmful UV rays and dulling the colours. We dismantled the artwork package, and re-framed the watercolor to a Conservation Standard. […]

Post card print

Just to show how a simple postcard can look stunning with a wide double mount. On  the display rack it looks nothing – framed you’ve got something that shouts “Wow, where did you get that!”

B & W Print

A large print, over-laminated to enhance sharpness of colour and then bonded to a rigid substrate to prevent cockling. Believe us, if you like it, have it framed like this and it’ll just wow your walls.  


Ever thought how much life and effort is invested in achieving that award? The certificate is a mark of achievement, get it framed properly now and the memory of your achievement will remain with you. You usually see certificates scrunched into a frame the exact size of the document – adding a generous mount gives […]

Acrylic painting, ZAK the dog

There’s a real story behind this painting, but suffice to say if you think about someone or something enough to commission a painting, you need a bespoke framer to ensure it is displayed to best effect. Years of pleasure here. The design involves a double mount + deboss line, anti reflective and UV protective glazing.

“Office / reception” print.

A modern frame, capturing a timeless theme. Many of our commissions give extra interest in receptions and offices, and we can respond quickly and cost effectively to a commercial customer base. Though our equipment is the finest available for bespoke work, it really comes into it’s own for multiple runs. If your thinking of a […]

Classic framed artwork

Ok so it’s down to style and decor, but a peice of artwork framed in this classic style can be a real focal point in your room. We raise the bar in terms of framing when it comes to items of significant value, working to the accredited  “Museum” standard. As well as looking brilliant, your […]

“Message” prints

Great for funky statements you’ll give yourself a smile with a simple print once its on your wall. Matching a print with a friend or relative is a great present. Go buy a print, or think of a message and we’ll print it for you.