A demonstration exercise to show how unusual collections can become unique examples of wall art, a great talking point. Antique shops, flea markets and even car boots readily yield up interesting things that you can have displayed in a deep box frame. Happy Hunting!

Key to the Door

From the Old Girls School in York, prior to refurbishment. Thousands of pupils would have passed through the unlocked doors. Where else would this key be if not framed? Note the inner Fillet, they can be used to great effect on “formal” Objects You’ll have special things too……


A priceless piece of artwork presented in a box frame. Priceless because it’s the first school project brought home, and Mum didn’t want it to get lost like her own childhood treasures. To make it more special we built the frame and returned it so her daughter could paint it. We then framed it up […]

Pot faces

We created a frame with depth to accommodate Pot Faces from a childhood collection. The classic “left in a box” scenario. We took three and mounted them in a deep shadow box, and the piece is now mounted on a dining room wall and is a real talking point. You might have pot faces, dolls, […]


Great ideas for linking memorabillia to someone, be it their hobby or job. This project was a retirement presentation and colleagues signed the reverse of the frame. You might have your own collection of  interesting things. We’ve done everything, from shells to spanners to chisels to glasses to fishing flies. What is it that will […]